10 Different Relationship Types

Many people view relationships with traditional eyes. However, peoples relationships with their partners can be very different.  In some cases it may be because the people in relationships have different needs and desires.  Example: someone who identifies as Polyamorous is not typically content with just one partner, but rather multiple partners, and each partner is aware of the Polyamorous person’s other relationships. It is also known as non-monogamy.

So without further ado, here is a list of some relationships types:

  1. Open Relationships: People who are in an open relationship will be in a committed relationship with their partner, but have come to the agreement to have sex with other people outside of their relationship.  Typically, they will have rules such as no exchanging phone numbers, no going out before or after the hook up, no seeing that person more than once etc…  Some people even come to the agreement that they do not want to know when, where, or who their partners are hooking up with, although some do.  Each relationship is different, and typically do not start as open relationships.
  1. Monogamous relationships: A monogamous relationship would be a relationship between 2 people who are loyal only to each other and are not involved with anyone else romantically, emotionally, spiritually, or sexually.
  1. Controlling Relationship: A controlling relationship is typically a relationship where one of the partners will hold more power in the relationship than the other, and usually, there will be a variety of double standards. For example, your partner may tell who they do and do not want you going out with, or will make constant demands about what YOU should make for dinner. Controlling relationships can be considered borderline abusive.
  1. Cheating Relationship: A cheating relationship is one where one partner is not loyal to their other partner, and will be involved with someone else romantically and/or sexually. A person who is the cheater in a cheating relationship, can choose this form of a relationship for a few reasons: they are Polyamorist, but have no idea that it is a thing, they enjoy the thrill and excitement of doing something behind their partners back, or they are lacking something in their relationship which they need, and may not even know that is the case. (I’ll be blogging about this in depth soon).
  1. Empty Relationships: People in an empty relationship are typically people looking to fill a void. Basically, they feel attracted to their partner because they require an emotional attachment to feel complete or a sense of purpose.  Typically people usually end up in this type of relationship after a break up.  (Writer’s note: I feel like this is where I kind of started.) It is not as bad or dependent as it sounds.  Sometimes, it does not end very well as the individual may become too dependent on their partner and cannot function as a separate entity.  On the other hand, this type of relationship can be used to build up the individual in a positive way, through the nurturing, and encouragement of their partner.
  1. Contract Relationships: This is an interesting one. Who is a fan of Sheldon and Amy from “Big Bang Theory”? Well, these relationships actually exist. Though I would not say there is always a formal contract signed by the partners, they do basically come to an understanding of what the bases of their relationship will be. Typically these people settle for one another due to the fact that they get along very well, and are able to come to logical compromises in life.  People in this type of relationship talk and compromise about everything from sex, to buying a house, to having kids.
  1. Star Crossed Lovers: People who are star crossed lovers are essentially drawn to each other right from the beginning.  Their relationship may sometimes be very chaotic, and like they hate each other sometimes, but they actually cannot be without each other. For people in this type of relationship they seem to get into situations that always brings them together.  However, their relationships are not always chaotic.  There are those star crossed lovers who just fit together perfectly, and are able to live in complete harmony with one another. Romeo and Juliet are perfect and classic examples of this type of relationship.
  1. Sexual Relationship: People who are in a sexual relationship typically do not have an emotional connection with their partner.  They will typically just be with each other for the sexual aspects of a relationship.
  1. A-Sexual Relationship: People who identify as Asexual are people who do not have any desire to have actual sex.  Asexual people can have a very normal relationship, just without the sexual aspect, unless it is to procreate. In saying that, there are ways that they could be intimate with one another that do not involve actual sex. Kissing, or hugging for example, is a way in which people can intimately connect with one another.

And last but not least….

  1. Long Distance Relationship:  People in a long distance relationship have their work cut out for them really.  They have to get very creative in finding ways to keep their relationship alive, and do things together.  Things that normal couples take for granted.  For example, going to the movies.  I could not really Skype at the movies with my partner, or even physically being together.  Skype sexy time was fun, but not the same as physically being with someone.  More and more people however are getting into LDRs since online dating is become so popular, and since tech companies are actually creating new and innovative ways to connect people and couples around the world (Writers note: Of course, none of this new tech really existed until almost the end of my LDR…).

Those are just some of the very different relationships people have.  Remember to never judge, always keep an open mind.  That is how we learn and better ourselves, and thus, the world.           


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